Butterfly Twists

The story of Butterfly Twist Ballerina shoes

For a footwear brand that has captured the imagination of thousands women across the world, Butterfly Twists had an unlikely start in fashion life. In 2007, two brothers and their friends made a bet that saw the unluckiest of them attending a party in a pair of stilettos. What started as a joke, gave the boys – Emmanuel Eribo, Frank Eribo, Mark Quaradeghini and Philippe Homsy – a new idea. They decided to launch a new line of flats that combined a little fabulousness with a freedom of movement and consideration for comfort. The collection debuted in London in 2009, dedicated to the aching toes and glamour-cravings of its most stylish inhabitants. The boys don't wear women's shoes anymore, but if they did, they would make a pair of Butterfly Twists their first choice.

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