Ben Sherman

The original shirt company for over 5 decades

In 1925 Arthur Benjamin Sugarman, later known as Ben Sherman was born. In his twenties, he decided to move from his city of birth, Brighton, to what he thought was the place of dreams, promises and hope – The United States.
Sugarman had noticed that the fans of modern jazz in London in the early 1960’s were interested in purchasing button-down – shirts, often worn by visiting American jazz-musicians such as Miles Davies and Oscar Peterson. The shirts they wore at that time were hard to come by in the UK. Ben Sherman then started his own production with similar garments, which quickly became popular among the emerging mod-culture. The word mods originally came from the word “The Modernists” and were a group of young men who liked the sharp Italian style. After becoming popular in the mod-culture Ben Sherman continued to be an important design element in several other British subcultures.
Ben Sherman did not only write history with the shirt with the typical cut, his way of thinking has helped to build the company into what it is today. Today Ben Sherman is an international brand and has through their journey continued to be faithful to the 60’s mods throughout their entire collection of clothes, shoes and accessories.

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