We also work with licensing agreements for some of our brands. We are very careful to assure the quality of the entire process from design, production and deliveries.

Our goal is to continue to develop and become the market leader in the segments in which we operates today. This requires that we constantly keep ourselves up-to-date and are not afraid of changes combined with  many years of experience , expertise, solid market knowledge and dedicated staff. We know what skills that is required for each area and stage and have staff accordingly. We are constantly on the lookout for our products and services to keep up with the highest standards and developed for the better.

In a market that is constantly demanding changes, and where trends comes and goes, you always need to be responsive and be prepared to contribute to the progress. We act as both a sounding board and as a collaboration partner for both retailers and suppliers. By having a wealth of expertise in the industry, and the necessary skills, we continually meet the expectations and needs of our clients.

We believe in collaborations that benefit the whole stage from supplier to end consumer and therefore strives to be a reliable link between our brand owners and our resellers. We are fully convinced that it is to everyone's advantage to work for these long-term and strong relationships.