Selected Brands core business is the distribution, and by using a strong sales force and a well- established customer base, we are now one of the largest shoe and apparel distributors. We work hard to strengthen the brands we represent and pursue long-term relationships with both our resellers and partners; along with that we constantly have our eyes open for new strategic coalitions.

We see ourselves as an extended arm of our clients, where they are artists and we are the background dancers, and thru a great interaction the play is a success. We constantly strive to be the obvious partner for both our resellers and our brands.

At our headquarters in Gothenburg , we are now about 20 employees working on everything from finance, purchasing , administration, customer service, logistics , web and marketing. In addition we have sales offices in Copenhagen , Oslo, Helsinki and Tallinn. With over 30 showrooms in total positioned across the Nordic and Baltic countries, we can showcase our brand and their collections in an inspiring environment. Besides that we are annually represented on a number of trade shows around Scandinavia and the Baltics. This gives us a unique opportunity to cover all our targeted areas and constantly be close to our customers.

Our marketing department not only works to develop promotional materials, but also work closely with our dealers. They are also well engaged in sponsoring, advertising, public relations and other activities and events. We also initiated collaboration with a number of reputed PR agencies around Scandinavia to expand the coverage of our brands in the press and media.

Selected Brands offers a full service management, a well-established portfolio, knowledge of the Nordic and Baltic markets and a structured sales organization. We have with great success represented the brands we work with today, and with our extensive knowledge and experience we have a high credibility in the industry. We constantly strive to provide a high level of service , both to our dealers and our suppliers.