About Zaxy

Zaxy is a fast fashion brand of jellies proudly designed and produced in Brazil. Zaxy is all about fun and its designs are created for girls with a fresh, young attitude. Zaxy uses vibrant colors and feminine patterns to keep girls feeling confident and stylish. Zaxy jellies are also recyclable and produced in Brazil in some of the most eco-friendly manufacturing plants in the world. Zaxy offers cool and fun shoes in great colors and is a fresh brand, full of life and always striving to create great looks.

Free, light and fun. Zaxy believes in the freedom to experiment and in trying new things. To be the same every day is an option, but changing a bit every day is what makes life exciting. Without experimenting, you will never discover new things, and without discovering new things, you will never change. Zaxy has different styles, colors and prints, as Zaxy wants you to be free to change your look whenever and wherever you want. After all, Zaxy believes that one of the best things about life is the option to change your mind. To be free to fly high. Zaxy. Free to change your mind.

Zaxy is one of Grendene eight brands, which is one of the world’s largest footwear manufacturers and is present in more than 100 countries. The Grendene products are 100 % recyclable and each one of them has its own recyclability characteristics. The products are not only recyclable, but they are also nontoxic. Grendene does not use dangerous or allergic substances in their composition. Another advantage on products recyclability is that the process of recycling does not require addition of chemicals. So in addition to providing modernism and fashion, Zaxy is also an environmentally friendly brand.

Selected Brands took over the distribution in the Nordic region in 2017.