In the spring of 1988, Ray Kelvin started his first Ted Baker store in Glasgow and in 2001, two great forces combined when Pentland signed the agreement to become worldwide licensee for Ted Baker Footwear.

Ted Baker is a firm believer in the adage that a bad pair of shoes can ruin the best of suits. Inspired by Britain’s Northampton and the years of craftsmanship when it comes to shoemaking, Ted Baker set about establishing “Ted Baker Footwear” with the intention of bringing quality workmanship to every sole. From the gentlemanly style of the classic Oxford to the casual comfort of a loafer –Ted Baker knows the score.

The shoes have a thoroughly contemporary outlook and the design philosophy for Ted Baker footwear is focused on detail. Little touches like subtle embossed elements, contrasting trims and little messages hidden inside each shoe. This is combined with attention to detail and with a dedicated commitment to quality. Ted Baker pride themselves on offering twice the product for half the price. They know that their consumers require shoes for various occasions and many are trend-led in their footwear-purchasing behaviours. These consumers like to stand out from the crowd with more adventurous styles.

Selected Brands took over distribution in 2013 for the Swedish and Danish markets.