Lacoste is a French fashion house founded in 1933 by tennis player René Lacoste. Originally the company manufactured only polo shirts; today they also produce other clothing such as shoes, fragrances and eyewear.

René Lacoste was a successful tennis player who in 1927 won Davis Cup. That same year, he had made a series of white shirts, for his own personal use, that later would come to be the signature garment for the brand Lacoste. The shirt was made out of cotton, a material known for its breathable qualities, which was fitting for a tennis player in order to cope with the heat of the American summer.

René Lacoste was given the nickname ”The Crocodile” by the American press after making a bet with his team captain Pierre Gillou, who promised him a crocodile-skin suitcase if he won game that was important for the team. René unfortunately didn’t win the game but a journalist however heard of the story and wrote: “The young Lacoste did non win the suitcase, he did however fight like a real crocodile”

Lacoste became ”The Crocodile”. René’s friend Robert George designed, on request by Lacoste, a crocodile that was embroidered on his shirts and blazers that he wore during his games.

 In the beginning of the 1930s René Lacoste had to end his career due to injuries. He got the advice from a friend to start a company to produce clothes with his famous crocodile-logo. In 1933 Lacoste together with André Gillier, owner and CEO of the worlds largest company for knitted garments, started to produce the revolutionary polo shirt which Lacoste had designed, of course with a crocodile on the chest. The shirt was named “Petit piqué” and this model was called 12:12.

As far as we know, this was the first time that a brand name appeared on the outside of a garment, and the world’s first logo on a garment was created.

 In 1963 Bernard Lacoste took over management from his father, it was also during this year that the company produced and presented their first shoe.

 The shoe collections from Lacoste exude a fresh and sporty feeling but keep a consistently gentlemanlike style. Just as René Lacoste boasted on center court. The shoe collections are divided into five collections. From different design esthetics and classic sport influences to more of a street inspiration; Lacoste Essential Design (LED), Sportswear collection, Sport Active,  LSCT and Lacoste L!VE.

 Selected Brands took over the distribution of Lacoste in the Nordic and Baltic market in 2003.