About Karl Lagerfeld

The year was 1938 in Hamburg, a boy named Karl Lagerfeld was born. As soon as he finished his studies, still young, he entered the world of fashion. Karl started his career as a freelance fashion designer in France, Italy, Britain and Germany. He left his marks on several large fashion houses, for example on Chloé in Paris and in Rome he worked on a new look for Fendi furs. 1983 he was asked to bring new life to Chanel, and so he did.

The style can be described as caustic, ultramodern and highly structured. The style is also known for its graphic symbols, that have become his hallmarks.

With his ability to anticipate, capture and interpret tomorrow’s trends he always fascinates. KARL LAGERFELD Footwear provides the signature design which repels on all ready-to-wear and accessories. The shoes are manufactured in quality Italian premium leather and materials.

As one of the worlds most renowned fashion designer he is famous for his cutting-edge design which has its’ roots from his cosmopolitan background.

2011 Karl Lagerfeld presented a new collection where he provided the mass market ready-to-wear and accessories which where steeped in luxury and quality.