About Ipanema

The brothers Pedro & Alexandre Grendene, two visionaries who had the idea of using their moulding technology to create fashion footwear, which reflected the spirit and lifestyle of the Brazilian culture, founded their company Grendene in 1971. Following the successful launch of the Melissa and Grendha footwear, Grendene created Sandalias Ipanema in 2001 – the iconic Brazilian sandals and flip-flops that are now available in over 60 countries worldwide. Created to add charm and irreverence to women’s feet, Ipanema sandals and flip-flops started to change the face of summer footwear in Brazil and gained the attention of the style world.

Since the start, Ipanema has been one of Brazil's hottest flip-flop brands. Season by season, new stylish designs with a wide range of flip-flops, sandals and wedges presented in a range of colors and finishes. Brazil is a nation of vibrant colors, natural beauty, great joy and open people. A place that shows this genuine Brazilian spirit is Ipanema, a neighborhood located in the south of Brazil's Rio de Janeiro and renowned for its elegance and social life.

With Ipanema's casual and relaxed beach in mind, the Ipanema shoes were created. The brand reflects the look and feel of Ipanema and its colorful characters. Ipanema is a fast-growing brand that is constantly working on reinventing itself in order to deliver the diversity of styles and models that follows the latest trends and market demand. The Ipanema shoes are made for bold women who are not defined by age but instead triggered by the constant pursuit of being modern and fashionable.

Selected Brands took over the distribution in the Nordic region in 2017.