About Grendha

Designed and made to the highest standards in Brazil, Grendha sandals are in touch with a relaxed lifestyle without losing the stylish edge for which it has become synonymous. Grendha is a casual women’s brand and inspired by women’s diversity and offers collections that appeal to different tastes. Grendha is always renewing itself and translates key fashion trends into versatile and affordable products.

Grendha is made for women who know the importance of details. They believe that good vibes can turn around any day, so they know that a smile is essential to complete any look. Grendha is made for women who seek charming details and know that these details make all the difference when getting dressed which leads to relaxation wherever they go.

Grendha appeals to all different types of women. The Grendha pop essence is created for relaxed women. Living as easy and breezy as a summer day. The Grendha nomadic heart is made for free women, who love shades of green and the wind in their hair. Who value their well-being and all that comes from the earth. In addition, Grendha is made for sexy women who appreciate sophistication and glamour, and like to always be noticed.

Grendha is one of Grendene eight brands, which is one of the world’s largest footwear manufacturers and is present in more than 100 countries. The Grendene products are 100% recyclable and each one of them has its own recyclability characteristics. The products are not only recyclable, but they are also nontoxic. Grendene does not use dangerous or allergic substances in their composition. Another advantage on products recyclability is that the process of recycling does not require addition of chemicals. Therefore, in addition to paying attention to detail and style, Grendha is also an environmentally friendly brand.

Selected Brands took over the distribution of Grendha in the Nordic region in 2017.