About Franklin and Marshall

Made in Italy. Founded in 1999.

How can a blue sweatshirt inspire the dreams and ambitions of two young Venetians, and give life to an entrepreneurial fairy-tale of success? It is a romantic story of love at first sight, an encounter with a vintage garment rich in history that symbolises and embodies important values such as freedom, passion for sport, loyalty and respect for the environment. These values were transferred to a new brand that soon became a cult designer label for young and not-so-young people who love to wear original clothes of quality.

Franklin & Marshall is not only a high quality clothing company, but also a philosophy of life based on collective wellbeing. An unspoken agreement signed with consumers and partners; based on respect, mutual understanding and trust, on real feelings such as friendship, complicity between classmates, team members and colleagues. Those who walk into a Franklin & Marshall store will find themselves in a universe of values. As in the great university of life where sport, culture, music, art and interests revolve around anything that creates sharing, participation and emotion.

Only two years after its birth, Franklin & Marshall began to explore foreign markets and today, with over 80% of sales outside of Italy, can be considered as an international brand in its own right. Franklin & Marshall is present in 20 countries and has 400 multi-brand stores in Italy and more than 1500 stores in the world. The branded corners and shop-in-shop stores are present in major department stores around the world such as Attica in Athens and Salonicco, Galeries Lafayette in the Dubai Mall and in Beirut, House of Fraser in Abu Dhabi and in numerous prestigious Italian stores like La Rinascente.

Selected Brands took over the distribution for Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Finland in 2015.