Caterpillar has led the way for more than 100 years through the performance and reliability of its products. Out of Caterpillar Inc. two subgroups emerged which later would become world famous: CAT Footwear and CAT Workwear.

Caterpillar is a real heavyweight in the field of lifestyle brands and is the leader in high quality work shoes and casual shoes for men, women and children.

The company was formed in 1925 when C.L Best Tractor Co. merged with The Holt Manufacturing Company, the company that developed the “caterpillar feet”, in 1904. The popularity of CAT shoes can partly be explained by the brand’s strong reputation among construction workers. Another ingredient is the fact that the industrial fashion is a recurring trend in the fashion industry. The biggest key to success for CAT shoes, apart from the remarkable quality is the effortlessness with which the public can be convinced that shoes and boots wearing the “caterpillar” logo will be “Walking Machines”.

Caterpillar’s motto; “We manufacture the accessories to get the job done”, says a lot about what the company stands for. They make shoes that breathe dust, sweat and black diesel. The brand originated in large heavy machinery made for really tough excavation conditions. Although the company, for over three generations has been synonymous with heavy industrial machinery, the company’s famous logo started to appear in a new context, one example being on the feet of sophisticated urban citizen. 

The focus on shoes has proven to be one of the most successful and innovative brand building extensions in company history. The shoe collection has expanded from being a brand that only produced work shoes in the beginning to design and produce a variety of models. The shoes are designed to reduce tired feet and increase performance throughout the day.

Selected Brands took over the distribution of Caterpillar Footwear and Caterpillar Workwear in the Nordic and Baltic market in 1992.