Fashion with a twist - for the girl on-the-go.

Butterfly Twists was founded in London in 2007 by the four friends Emmanuel, Frank, Mark and Philippe. The unique idea of the foldable shoes arose during the consequences of a lost bet, when one of the four college friends (who shall remain nameless) literally felt what it was like in a woman’s shoes by attending a party in 6 inch heels. This long, uncomfortable night, at least for the one in heels, prompted the friends to try to come up with an idea that would end women’s high heel suffering. This lead to the first foldable ballerina on the market, which with its innovative design is easy to bring along and gives the opportunity to women to reduce the time they wear high heels by easily changing into comfortable flats.

Through stylish, fashion forward and convenient everyday products with a twist Butterfly Twists are changing the lives of girls on the go around the world. They are offering products of high quality at reasonable prices, giving the opportunity to own multiple pairs, varying in colour, style and models. Butterfly Twists’ innovative and fashion forward design as well as their unbeatable combination of good quality and affordable prices makes them the market leader when it comes to foldable ballerinas. Focus is however on innovation and the constant development of new products. Apart from their original ballerina they also produce foldable brogue, flip-flops and rain boots.

At the launch of the brand in 2009 the founders quickly realized that they had created something sought after when they only four days after had received orders on over 50.000 pairs of shoes.

In 2011 Butterfly Twists got the award for ”best new exporter” at the United Kingdom Fashion Textile (UKFT) Awards, due to their international growth and expansion. Today Butterfly Twists are sold in over 30 countries and continue to grow and challenge the market through creativity and innovation.

Selected Brands took over the distribution of Butterfly Twists in the Nordic and Baltic markets in 2013.