About British Knights

The brand was founded in 1983 by Jack Schwartz Shoes Inc. in New York. The first collection was produced in the USA in 1986 and three years later in 1989 in the UK.

In the 1980s British Knights footwear clearly distinguished itself by having a very own and specific character based on extre­me sports and having that specific British Knights urban look. British Knights was positioned as an inner-city and music dri­ven brand, appealing to the predominantly streetwise young male. The fat soles, big tongue and the big characteristic ‘BK’ clearly visible made British Knights shoes really stand out. By now the brand initials ‘BK’ were a frequently used item in media, music and on the streets.

In the early 90s British Knights sponsored the famous number 1 American rapper MC Ham­mer. Also, British Knights was the first to make a commercial, which was broadcasted on the worldwide music channel MTV. Marketing campaigns included “Get off on the right foot – get off on BK’s” (1990); “U Can’t Touch This” featuring MC Hammer (1991); and “Choose Change” (1992).

After the turn of the century, in 1998, AFG acquired the worldwide distribution of BK except for: USA, Canada, Chile, Israel and Peru. In these countries BK is still owned by Jack Schwartz or another relative. Since that year British Knights was positioned as an inner-city brand based on urban energy. And as they say, fortune favours the brave. British Knights grew to be a big hit! The slogan Choose Change! became the thriving force behind British Knights major successes worldwide.

British Knights current image most definitely is related to their proud past. Continuing to create brand quality collections, which are completely orientated towards the latest trends. Creating cutting edge collections in which the main theme remains street wear based on the hottest extreme sports.  History is constantly in the making, British Knights aim to keep on adding their mark to it as they have done since the early 80s. British Knights is a dynamic brand which breaths young city life and delivers street style for everyone! Their brand motto has never been more accurate as now: Rediscover our Past – Live in the Present - With a desire to dare Future.

Selected Brands took over the distribution in the Nordic and Baltic region in 2015.