Care instructions

About the material

UGG ® Australia's products are made exclusively from sheep skin with the highest quality. Sheepskin is a thermostatic material that breathes naturally and allows air to circulate. Since the moisture is reduced, you feet temperature will stay close to your own no matter what the outdoor temperature is which makes UGG® Australia sheepskin footwear wearable all year round.

Wool is a recurring material in UGG ® Australia's footwear thanks to its special properties. The wool keeps moisture away and helps maintain body temperature even. Your feet will stay warm when it´s cold and cool when it´s warm.  UGG ® Australia's shoes can handle temperatures from -34 to +26 which make them appropriate for all climates. .

Sheepskin is a delicate material and therefor it is important that you take care of your shoes properly. Do not expose them to moisture or high heat, such as drying cupboard, radiator, etc.  For your shoes to last as long as possible, we recommend that you use UGG ® Australia's own care products. If you have a claim, we refer to the store from where you bought the shoes. Don´t forget to bring your receipt with the attached document of value.


To protect your shoes from dirt and stains, we recommend you to use our water-resistant UGG ® Water & Stain Repellent for Sheepskin and Suede before wearing them. This spray can be used on your UGG Australia footwear, but also on your other suede shoes. If your shoes are dirty, we recommend that you use UGG ® Australia Sheepskin Cleaner and Conditioner.

How to use our impregnation:

• Shake the spray bottle well.

• Apply the spray by spraying a thin, even layer over the shoe until it is moist. Stay outdoors or in a well ventilated area when doing this.

• Let the shoes air dry for at least 24 hours. Be careful not to expose your shoes to sunlight or near heat sources such as radiators and drying cabinet. Repeat the treatment periodically for best results.

• When the shoes are dry, you retain the skin's natural appearance by brushing them in one direction with a soft leather or suede brush.

By using UGG® Water & Stain Repellent regularly you will minimize the appearance of spots and you will protect your shoes from getting wet.


You should always clean your shoes by hand and if you get tough stains, we recommend that you use UGG® Australia Sheepskin Cleaner and Conditioner.

How to use our cleaning:

• Brush off the surface dirt with a suede brush or towel and moisten the shoe with a wet cloth.

• Then mix equal parts water and UGG ® Australia Sheepskin Cleaner and Conditioner and rub it carefully with a sponge in circular motions over the moist surface until you are satisfied with the result. Then take a clean damp cloth and wipe the shoe. Do not use UGG ® Australia Sheepskin Cleaner and Conditioner directly on the shoes.

• Let your shoes air dry by filling it with the paper, and do not to expose them to direct sunlight or near heat sources.

• Finally, use a suede brush to roughen the surface and then impregnate the shoe again by following the steps above.